October 19, 2015


6 Ways to Get You Motivated TODAY!

Get a personal trainer - Having a trainer gives you accountability. Not only is your body on the line, but your wallet as well. Oftentimes paying for a service makes us value and therefore prioritize it more. Having someone pushing you towards your daily goals doesn’t hurt either!

Reward yourself - Whether your reward is a short nap or a sweet smoothie, giving yourself something to look forward to once you finish a workout can be a great motivator. Eventually, you may not even need the reward!

Keep track of your progress - Whether it’s through writing lists of your decreasing weight or taking pictures of your changing body, seeing that real progress is often enough to make you want more. Some find that posting photos on a personal instagram or tumblr blog help show a timeline and be a source of inspiration.

Find a workout buddy - If hiring a personal trainer just isn’t for you, having a workout buddy to help you show up to the gym can be that extra push you need. You don’t want to let your friends down - and the same goes for your body.

Look at fitness magazines - Finding visual content, even clipping images that represent your physical goals can be a great motivator to work towards. If you are a fan of Pinterest, create a board that represents all your fitness goals and remind yourself every day!

Enjoy yourself! - For some people, going to that brightly lit gym and lifting weights or running on a treadmill is demotivation in and of itself. Finding a physical activity that you enjoy - whether it’s flying solo with swimming or getting a team together with soccer - makes your workout feel less like work.  

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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