October 19, 2015


8 Exercises that Burn More Calories than Running


Let’s face it - running, while possibly being the easiest way to work out, isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’ve gone in search of exercises that burn the same amount - or even more calories than pounding the pavement. Running burns, on average, 600 calories per hour (10 per minute). Here are our favourite exercises that burn more:

Skipping - Jump rope burns 13 calories per minute - that’s 780 per hour. It still counts as cardio for those who don’t want to give up on their cardio workout. While a high impact activity, many find it worth the effort.

Rowing - This can be done either in the gym on a machine or with the real thing if you live near an accessible body of water. Burning a solid 680 calories per hour and maybe catching some great scenery counts this one in our books.

Boxing - If you’re more of a competitively driven person, boxing may be right for you. It’s intense, can be done against an opponent or a bag, and melts through 727 calories per hour.

Swimming - Doing the front crawl for a full hour will burn 818 calories (and it’s a great full body workout!) Swimming is a great option for the elderly and injured as it’s difficult to aggravate injuries or create new ones in the water!

Martial Arts - Another competitive sport, doing martial arts for 1 hour will help you get rid of 744 calories, and is a great option for those seeking to learn a new skill as well as get a workout.

Stationary Bike - While not the most thrilling sport, many people find the low impact cardio of the bike easier to handle than running. Plus, you’ll burn a whopping 782 calories each hour.

Cross-country Skiing - If winter sports are your thing, try out skiing. Burning 720 calories per hour, it also give you the chance to get outside in the winter and see some scenery.

Kettlebell Swing - This exercise is not for the faint of heart. 20 calories are burned each minute, and while we don’t think most people could last for an hour, in theory it would burn 1,200 calories. It’s a definite way to get that heart pumping if you’re up for the challenge!

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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