October 19, 2015


A Sport For All Ages: Table Tennis

Often played for fun, table tennis is an incredibly versatile sport able to bend from 8 to 80 years old. Fast paced and intense - it’s one of our favourite sports to play, and this is why:

Keeps reflexes sharp - At any age, developing fast reflexes is beneficial to your overall health and well-being. This is especially true of youngsters and the elderly. Having fast reflexes can not only improve your table tennis game but help in a variety of other ways in day-to-day life. In fact, many disabled players can match up evenly against any player due to the versatility of the skills required.  

Low impact - Unless you bump your hands on the table or trip over your own feet, there’s no contact in this sport. It’s low risk and high reward - triumphant wins with injuries as rare as a snowman in the desert.


Long term sport - Once you start playing this game it’s hard to stop, and the nature of the game lends itself well to being a sport you can play over the course of your life, in a competitive sense and a casual one.

Gets your mind racing - Along with quick reflexes, table tennis requires lightning fast thinking. Expecting moves and looking for weaknesses in milliseconds is a vital part to competitive play. This is especially beneficial for older athletes!

Anytime, anywhere - The great beauty of table tennis is that it takes up a small amount of space and can therefore be played almost anywhere. It’s also indoor and thus is a year-round sport! Versatile and tons of fun, it’s hard to resist the pull of ping pong!

Low cost - Even the most expensive paddles used by professionals only cost a few hundred dollars, and a basic paddle will only run you around $50, and can be used for years. This makes table tennis one of the cheapest sports out there!

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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