October 19, 2015


Surefire Ways to Stay Fit Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that focuses on family, gratefulness, and (arguably) most importantly, food. However, with food comes huge amounts of calories that can be a temptation for some and a guaranteed weight gain for others. There are a few simple ways that can help you control your weight over the holiday and not leave with a few more pounds than you arrived with. Here are out top 5:

Get fit with family - There is no reason that spending time with family means sitting around. Get outside and play a fun filled game of soccer, badminton, basketball - even a game of hide-and-go-seek or tag is a great way to stay active. The best part: get the kids involved. They’ll love that you’re spending time playing with them.

Lay off the dessert - Keep in mind where the most calories are coming from. Aside from the turkey skin, dessert filled with fats and sugars is often the biggest downfall. Try skipping the pie for fruit - or just having one slice, minus the whipped cream topping.

Portion control - This is the biggest piece of advice out there. No one wants to spend their holidays avoiding the foods they love. Rather than sitting out on delicious turkey dinner, try taking smaller amounts and chewing slowly - this will make you feel full sooner! Savouring the wonderful foods slowly can actually be more enjoyable than shoveling heaps of food into your mouth.

Easy on the sides - Focusing your appetite on lean white turkey meat and veggies is a better way to avoid the surprising fats and sugars held in many side dishes. Just because it’s called green bean casserole, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Be aware of what the dish actually contains.

Eat breakfast! - Never, ever skip the most important meal of the day! Even having a small breakfast such as an egg and a slice of whole grain toast will help curb your appetite and avoid binge eating later in the day.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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