October 19, 2015


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons why you should hire a personal trainer. However, it’s not all sunshine and six packs. There are a few things you should consider if you’re thinking about hiring a professional to guide you through your workouts and push you towards your goals.


Better workout - Chances are, having someone guiding you through your workout and planning exercises and a schedule that fits your needs is going to maximize your efforts and help you reach your fitness goals.

Knowledge and expertise - Personal trainers have the know-how that means you don’t have to do research and spend hours trying to figure out how to perfect your form. They do it all for you - aside from the actual workout, of course!

Motivation - Possibly the biggest factor that keeps us at home is getting the motivation to get up and go to the gym. Knowing that someone you hired is waiting there for you makes it almost impossible to give yourself reasons to stay at home - and once you’re there, they push you to your limits for success.


Getting a credible trainer with proper certification - A difficult task is finding someone who actually knows what they are doing. Just because someone looks fit or has a great body, that is not reason to hire them. Personal training requires anatomical knowledge and the ability to personalize a routine and work around any physical limitations you might have.

Cost - Perhaps the largest con of getting a personal trainer is the cost. Quality is never cheap and finding the budget for someone that’s right for you can sometimes prove to be too much for your wallet to handle.

Finding someone with experience who fits you - There is nothing wrong with hiring a young personal trainer. We advise that you make sure to opt for someone with personal training experience, particularly if you struggle with any health or physical issues. You want to feel comfortable with your trainer and there should be a relationship of trust maintained. Finding the trainer that’s perfect for you can be very difficult - but not impossible.

Overall, we agree that while there are some cons to hiring a personal trainer, if you have the time to find a good fit and the budget to maintain them you’ll find you can reach your goals more efficiently and push yourself to places you may not have gotten yourself.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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