October 19, 2015


I’m injured. Now What?

We have all been here at one time or another. Whether it’s caused by a sport or just bad luck, there have been times in our lives where we find we are stuck with an injury. There are still things you can do to stay fit while you recover. Make sure you take it slow and always, always consult a physician - especially if you don’t want to end up more injured than you started out. That being said, here are a few things you could do to stay sane and stay fit while you’re recovering from an injury.

Yoga - Yoga is a great activity because it can work around injuries. Breathing exercises increase blood flow and provide balance. It also helps mentally - learning patience and peace can be vital when you’re injured and the inevitable frustration that comes with it. Even simple meditation can work wonders.

Swimming - This is a perfect sport because it relieves impact on joints and muscles that are injured. Many people who struggle with chronic illnesses like arthritis or diabetes find that swimming is extremely beneficial. Swimming is also fantastic because you can swim for 10 minutes and still work out a large variety of muscles without too much strain.

Walking - We had to include this one. Walking is a great form of exercise that almost anyone can do. It’s perfect because you can easily choose the amount of time you are walking and it’s low risk, particularly if you have an arm or upper body injury. You can also go for a walk with family or friends to keep it interesting.

Golf - Golf can be a great sport to learn while you’re injured. It still provides a good amount of physical activity and many find it highly enjoyable. Finding a low-impact sport that you enjoy can be more beneficial than trying to build muscle when you’re injured!

Biking - Once you’re on your way to full health, a great way to work back up to your regular workout routine is biking. It reduces the impact on knees and legs and is a great cardio alternative to running or jogging. To further lower strain on the lower body, opt for a stationary bike rather than working through the bumps on a road or trail.

Injuries are no fun. What’s worse is trying to get back into the game before you’re ready - be sure to consult a physician before you start exercising again! And above all, learn how to take your time. Your body can’t bounce back right away to the way it was before your injury. Talk it out, cry it out, and find the best in the situation - there’s always a silver lining!

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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