October 19, 2015


The Best Post-Workout Foods

Unlike the popular belief that protein is the most important thing to have after a workout, experts say that fluids and carbs are what your body need the most. Be sure to drink lots of water - and if you’re sweating excessively try to get a drink with electrolytes in it. People work out at different times in the day and unfortunately not everyone can stomach a tuna sandwich for breakfast, so we’ve split up our list into sections based on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time! Here are a few of our top post-workout foods:

The Breakfast Workout

Healthy Granola with Nuts - High in protein and carbohydrates, granola with added nuts is a perfect breakfast post-workout meal. It’s perfect for the person who hates eating breakfast - a small amount can be sufficient!

Protein Packed Omelette - If eggs are your thing, try throwing some veggies in your omelette! It helps to vary the consistency and taste of your breakfast each day. Plus, we all know eggs are packed with protein!  

The Lunch Workout

Wrap it up - Having a whole grain wrap filled with chicken and bean salad is a great option that fills you up without getting bloated. The wrap provides that boost of carbs your body needs to refill on after a tough workout and beans are a great source of many nutrients. Plus it’s portable if you’re heading back to the office!  

The Classic Tuna - Whole grain bread and fish is a perfect light lunch; tuna is low in calories but high in protein!  Add tomatoes, spinach, and hummus for the full package. Try toasting the bread if you’re packing it for later - it helps to keep the sogginess away!

The Dinner Workout

Roasted Chicken and Veg - Chicken is lean, delicious, and a great post workout meal. Add in some veg lightly tossed in olive oil and roasted for extra flavour and variety (they’re pretty good for your heart, too!). 

Salmon and Rice - Studies have shown that salmon regulates insulin levels… in addition to the expected protein punch! Add some whole grain rice or veg (we like roasted sweet potatoes) to liven the dish up and add a few more carbs.

The Snack Workout

Fun Fruit Salad - Aside from being renowned for their anti-oxidants and enzymes, did you know fruits are loaded with carbs? Just one more thing to add to the huge list of the health benefits of fruit. Fruits are also light enough that they won’t spoil your next meal!

Chocolate Milk (yes, you read that right!) - Chocolate milk is the latest craze in post-workout foodies… and for good reason! It has the perfect split of carbs, protein, and fluids to revitalize your body after a hard workout. Plus, it’s delicious ;)

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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