October 19, 2015


Top 10 Fitness Apps

Hot5 Fitness - This app gives you the option to connect with real personal trainers and get customized advice that fits your needs. It also has descriptive videos that you can choose to work out to - everything from yoga to jogging to full body workouts.

Pact - If money is an incentive that keeps you motivated, this is the app for you. For every workout and healthy meal verified by GPS and photo evidence, you get money that’s given by members who didn’t reach their goals. You control how much money is on the line, but if you fail to keep up, be warned - it’ll cost you more than a lost workout.

Workout Trainer - Having a personal trainer that guides you step by step through different exercises and workouts can help many people reach their goals faster. This app gives you that opportunity, minus the dent in your wallet. It has options for in the gym or at home workouts, making it ideal for those who don’t have the time or money to spend at the gym.

JETFIT - One of the most popular fitness apps, and for good reason, Jetfit covers all the bases. It provides customisable workouts, community driven motivation, and a tracker that shows your progress. It’s flexible and free to use, making it worth the download.

Charity Miles - Walking, running, or biking - every mile you exercise earns money for charities. Ranging from 10 cents/mile for bikers and 25 cents/mile for runners, this app is one of a kind. It doesn’t offer any unique workout features, but it does help you contribute to charity in a way that only costs you a workout.

Cyclemeter - Claiming to be the most comprehensive app for cyclists out there, Cyclemeter offers a huge database of “maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and more”, and with the rave reviews it’s clearly worth checking out.

Pocket Yoga - Designed by yoga instructors, this app is great for yogis of all experience levels. With a comprehensive library of yoga poses and fun illustrations, Pocket Yoga is perfect for those who prefer at home yoga time without being forced to stop to remember different poses and transitions.

MyFitnessPal - Food focused and featured as the #1 Health and Fitness app for 4 years running, MyFitnessPal lives up to expectations. It holds a huge database of foods and diets and has a simple tracker that claims to be the fastest and easiest out there. Over 45,000 near-5 star ratings speak to the validity of these claims.

RockMyRun - Regardless of musical taste, this app has something for everyone. RockMyRun matches BPM (beats per minute) with your pace, improving enjoyment and motivation by up to a whopping 35%. Instead of standing around trying to find great workout songs, this app does the work for you and puts together great playlists for you to access with a quick tap.

Zombies, Run! - One of the more amusing apps, this is exactly what it sounds like. Make your run more interesting by immersing yourself in the zombie apocalypse. It could be a great motivator to run just a little bit faster than your average pace.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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