October 19, 2015


What’s the Big Deal About Swimming?


When we think about swimming, the first thing that comes to mind is not fitness. Swimming lessons, kids, and playing often occupy the space in our minds dedicated to pools and bodies of water. We are going to review swimming and look at reasons why it can actually be a great workout - as well as something your kids do.

Perfect for people struggling with arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions - Because it’s a great sport for lowering stress levels, swimming can help keep blood sugar levels under control. It also stretches your muscles and doesn’t put pressure on your joints. The lack of impact allows people with arthritis to get exercise without the pain that usually accompanies activity. Overall it’s a great way to stay fit regardless of physical limitations!

It’s a full body workout - On average, swimming at an average-slower pace burns 413 calories per hour for a person who weighs 130 pounds. The amount of calories burned only increases with pace and weight. Swimming uses essentially all of your muscles: from biceps to abs to hamstrings, so it’s a great way to have a full body workout that doesn’t use equipment.

It’s the perfect entry sport - Due to its extreme accessibility, swimming is a great way for people who would otherwise struggle with exercise to get into fitness. It provides a gateway not only to water sports and competitive swimming, but it increases confidence and puts you in the right mindset to open up to other types of exercise. Starting small just means throwing on your swimsuit and hopping in the pool.  

It’s really hard to get injured - This is especially pertinent to people who have had struggles with previous sports or fitness related injuries. Getting into the pool is like entering a safe haven - unless you are involved in contact pool sports like water polo, the only thing that gets in your way is you!

You can do it with your kids - Many people struggle to find the time to squeeze in a workout when they have growing families with active, energetic kids. Swimming is one of the very few activities that is totally family friendly. You don’t have to sacrifice time with your kids to get a workout in! Bring your kids to the pool and tread water while they play, take turns watching them while a partner swims laps - there are tons of ways to incorporate family time into exercise time!

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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