October 19, 2015


Why Exercise Makes You Happier

It’s been said time and time again - exercising regularly just makes you feel better. Those who are hesitant on the benefits (aside from the obvious weight loss) of exercising should take a deeper look at what happens to your body when you hit the gym. Exercising makes you happier, and here’s why:

The Science - We won’t get too science-y on you, but there are a few chemicals that are activated during exercise. Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are those feel-good neurochemicals that will have you on top of the world.  

Love Yourself - This almost goes without saying, but self confidence from losing weight, toning muscle, or even just feeling healthier will have you marching proudly to the beat of your own drum before you know it.

Relieve the Stress - When you work out, you initiate low level stress on your body. Over time, this will actually help you feel less stressed out in your day-to-day life! Plus, there’s nothing quite like sweating out a hard day’s work.

Bye Bye Insomnia - Studies have shown that exercising regularly helps you catch some Z’s - particularly if you’re struggling with insomnia. Not only this, but being healthier will help you to get out of bed in the mornings and stay motivated! Waking up refreshed and relaxed is a foolproof way to improve your mood.

Boost Your Energy - Everyone who works out knows this one: no matter how tired you are, getting off your butt and going to the gym is actually going to make you more energized than you were before. And it’ll stay that way every day that you keep up the exercise! That’s worth a hundred years of happiness.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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