October 19, 2015


Why Fencing is The Perfect Sport for Your Kids (And You!)

Gender equality - Fencing is unique in that men and women, girls and boys play against each other without restrictions on gender. A woman can face off against another woman or a man, and no penalties or points are reduced either way. It’s one of the only sports out there that supports this and it’s a different and valuable way to learn sports, especially as a child.

Self discipline - Fencing is largely skill-based, and the amount of self discipline required is staggering. If the referee calls a hit, you must accept it and change tactics - fully accepting responsibility as your own. It’s easy to try and blame the referee but the nature of the sport forces you to swallow your pride over and over and admit your faults.

It exercises the mind - Tactics are equivalent to skill in a fencing match. Knowing your opponent, looking for weaknesses and adjusting accordingly is something that must be completed in seconds in order to win. Concentration is key to victory.

It has been shown to help people who struggle with ADHD - Corwin Duncan, a young fencer who struggled with ADHD found his focus in fencing. Unlike other sports where kicking or throwing a ball is the primary objective, fencing forces you to be physically and mentally present in the moment. Duncan is a success story - winning Junior U18 National Fencing Championships in 2008. If you or your child are struggling, give fencing a try - you never know where it will take you.

In a group or on your own - Another unique aspect of fencing is that it can be played as a team sport or as individuals, both ways require slightly different skill sets. Team fencing builds relationship and companionship and individuals build solo skill and focus. Team player or lone wolf, neither is an excuse to not try this incredibly challenging and rewarding sport.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell


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