September 15, 2015


danielle mika nagel: how i discovered meditation

posted: September 1, 2015


I was 19-years-old when a good friend of mine sent me Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I had just joined the production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of Cats in Hamburg, Germany. My goal of becoming a musical performer was fulfilled. I had a charming apartment in Europe and was able to support myself comfortably. My life couldn’t be any better. I started reading Deepak’s book, but thought, “Why would I need this? My life is perfect. I’m not following any laws.” It wasn’t until six years later, when I started dating my husband, that I picked up that book again and my meditation journey began.

I spent several years performing in musical productions in Europe. It was an exciting life, but after doing eight shows every week, I was exhausted. I needed a change. I moved back to LA and took my first yoga class. Yoga was getting more popular and studios were popping up everywhere there. I’d love to say “I felt like I came home when I found myself on the mat”—like many other yoga practitioners claim—but I didn’t. It was boring. There was no choreography. There wasn’t even music. We held lunges for what seemed like forever. We were instructed to look at our big toes or our fingertips and focus on our breath. Luckily, the instructor gave everyone a nice shoulder rub at the end of class, so it wasn’t a total waste of time. I did not go back to another yoga class until I started meditating.


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